3 Reasons To Consider Rebuilding Your Transmission Instead Of Replacing It

Dealing with a transmission breakdown can be stressful and confusing, especially when it comes down to deciding whether you'll rebuild the transmission or replace it altogether. While replacing the transmission might be the most appealing option, there are quite a few good reasons to consider rebuilding the transmission instead. The following are just a few to consider:

Save Money Without Sacrificing Performance

Having the opportunity to save some money is one of the best reasons to consider having your transmission rebuilt as opposed to investing in a replacement. Not only will it be less expensive to rebuild your transmission than to purchase a new or even used one, but you won't have to worry about paying to transport the replacement transmission from its origin to the auto shop.

And you won't sacrifice performance just because you're opting to rebuild instead of replace. New parts will be used during the rebuilding process, and any parts that aren't replaced with new ones will be inspected, tested, and optimized to ensure that you don't have a repeat breakdown any time in the near future. Once your transmission is rebuilt, it should perform like new again and provide you with many more years of reliability.

Maintain Your Historical Knowledge

You already have records of maintenance and repairs that are associated with your vehicle's transmission, so you know its history and quirks. Replacing the transmission altogether means having to get to know a new one from scratch. Shifting gears and slowing down may seem unfamiliar and create an apprehensive frame of mind while driving until you get used to the new sounds and shifting movements. Investing in transmission repair will help ensure that you can maintain the same driving experience that you're used to and rely on.

Take Advantage of Warranty Options

You should be able to take advantage of warranty options for your rebuilt engine just like you would if you were to replace it with a new one. With a warranty in place, you will be financially protected if something goes wrong for a specified period of time after the transmission has been rebuilt and reinstalled in your vehicle.

Your warranty should include at least the major new parts that were installed in your transmission and any work done to it during the rebuilding process. You can expect to pay just a percentage of the repair costs in the form of a deductible if something goes wrong with your transmission that is covered under the warranty you choose.

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