3 Important Auto Care Tips For Your Vehicle's Tires

The tires are an instrumental aspect of your vehicle, as they help you grip the road and maintain control of your vehicle. To ensure you don't experience any major complications with them and end up spending a fortune, you need to utilize these auto care tips. 

Fill up Low Tires With Air 

It's quite natural for tires to lose air over time, but it's a simple issue that should never be overlooked. After all, low tires have a higher tendency of going flat once you're on the road. Instead of dealing with these issues, you should just get in the habit of filling up low tires with air.

You can either do this from home using a portable air compressor, or you can go to your local gas station. Just make sure you find out what the ideal PSI (pounds per square inch) range is for your tires, which is possible when you consult with the tire manufacturer. Fill low tires up until these optimal ranges are reached.

Inspect the Tread 

The tread on your tires is important to keep an eye on because if it gets too low, your tires won't effectively grip the road. Then, you could end up losing control and crashing into other drivers. 

As a precaution, you need to inspect the tread of each tire a couple of times a month. Fortunately, this inspection is easy. You'll just need a penny. Insert it into a tread line on a tire, making sure it's upside down and facing you. If you can still see the head on the penny, the tread has worn too much and you may need to consider replacing that tire entirely. 

Have Tires Rotated 

When you hit curbs and travel over potholes, your tires can start wearing down unevenly. They then won't last as long as they should -- possibly costing you a lot of money in tire replacements over the years.

To counteract this wear and tear, you can have your tires rotated. It's best to leave this care job up to professionals like those at Import Auto Maintenance, as they have specialized equipment to carry out this rotation job safely and quickly. Tire rotation essentially involves moving each tire to a new position so that it wears down more evenly.

Having tires in great condition keeps you safe and saves you a lot of money over the years. To ensure your tires remain in pristine condition, you need to stay on top of maintenance throughout the year. 

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