Auto Repair Questions You May Be Wondering

When automotive problems arise, it is necessary to respond to the situation as quickly as possible. Yet, there are many issues that your vehicle may encounter that you are unable or ill-equipped to handle.

How Can You Determine What The Check Engine Light Is Indicating?

Most modern vehicles are equipped with a variety of internal diagnostic systems. These systems will monitor the performance of the system for anomalies. When the diagnostic system detects these issues, it will trigger a warning light. Luckily, it is fairly easy to determine what this warning light is indicating. Mechanics will have equipment that can connect to your car's diagnostic computers to determine the issue that is occurring. Contact an auto service like Platinum Plus Auto Repair for more information if your check engine light is on.

What Is Causing Your Fuel Economy To Decrease?

A decrease in your vehicle's fuel economy can dramatically increase the costs that will be associated with driving your vehicle. Any number of problems with the engine or the wheels can lead to a noticeable decline in fuel economy. However, some of the more common will involve a failing fuel pump, improperly inflated tires, and clogged fuel filters. Unless you are comfortable with working on an automobile and you have the tools for this work, you should leave addressing this to a professional as they will be able to quickly identify the source of the decreasing performance.

Why Would You Smell Automotive Chemicals In The Cabin Of The Vehicle?

If you are ever driving your vehicle and notice a powerful chemical smell in the car, it could be due to a leak in the engine. As fluids leak and strike the hot engine components, it can vaporize, which will allow it to easily enter the cabin through the air conditioning system. Whenever you notice this odor in your car, you may want to immediately have the vehicle inspected as these leaks can rapidly worsen and the engine may start to run low on critical fluids.

What Is Needed To Repair Corrosion On The Car's Body?

Some types of body damage are more than a cosmetic problem for the vehicle. Corrosion is one of these issues. When a vehicle starts to develop corrosion on its exterior, it can severely weaken the body. This can lead to holes forming, and if the corrosion becomes widespread, it can make the damaged caused by accidents to be worse. Repairing corrosion on the exterior will require removing the corrosion to prevent it from spreading. If the corrosion is minor, this can be done by simple refinishing the damaged area of the car's body. Severe rust may require the section of the car's body to be replaced, but this is a fairly extreme solution.

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