Saving On Gas Money Regularly

Do you cringe when you see the price of gas rising? While some people may have the luxury of switching to their bicycle as their man mode of transportation to get them to and from work, the reality is this isn't a valid option for most people. Therefore, the one thing you do have control of with regards to those rising gas prices is maintaining and driving your car in a way that causes you to need to purchase less of it. Here are some gas saving tips you should consider following:

Watch the condition of your tires

You want to make sure when you replace one tire that you replace all of them. Otherwise, they will have different amounts of tread which can cause the car to use more gas. Also, check the tire pressure and make sure it is where it is supposed to be and take the car in according to the recommendations to have the tires routinely aligned.

Don't take more trips than you need

Try to work out your schedule, so you can take care of all your errands in one trip and map them out according to the shortest routes from A to B to C and so on. Also, try to take the routes that have less lights and traffic, so you can avoid dealing with excessive time spent going slow or waiting at lights, which also wastes your gas.

Don't tote around more weight than necessary

The more weight your car is toting around, the more gas it will cost you. For this reason, you want to remove anything from the car or trunk that you don't need in there.

Don't have things sticking up or out of the windows

You want to refrain from driving with things sticking up or out of the windows that can catch the wind and cause your car to burn more gas. For example, having part of a boogie board coming out of your sunroof can waste gas.

Only use the car's air conditioning when it is absolutely necessary

If you can handle the current temperature, then you should avoid turning the air conditioning on, as it can use up a good deal of your gas.

Replace your broken windows or a broken windshield

There are many reasons why you want to replace your broken windows or windshield, with safety being at the forefront of the reasons for quickly replacing them. However, another reason for replacing them at a shop like Harr's Auto Glass  when they are broken is to help you save on gas. Rolled down windows, or broken ones, will cause a resistance when you are driving, and the wind gets pocketed in the car and this causes the car to burn more gas.

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