Transmission Repair Versus Rebuild: Factors A Mechanic Considers When Making A Recommendation To You

If you are encountering transmission problems, you should take your car to an auto transmission repair center as quickly as possible. The sooner you bring your car in, the less damage the transmission may incur. As a mechanic is inspecting the transmission, they have to make a professional recommendation as to whether your transmission can be rebuilt to fix the problem or whether the transmission should be repaired. Here are three of the factors they will consider as they make their recommendation to you. 

The Age and Condition of Your Transmission

One of the first factors that a mechanic will look at when deciding whether to recommend repairing or replacing your transmission is the age and condition of your transmission. If your transmission is older and has been used well over 100,000 miles, the transmission may not have much life left in it. Repairing the broken part of the transmission may help now, but soon enough you may encounter more transmission problems. In this case, replacing the transmission may be best. However, if the transmission isn't that old, rebuilding the broken part and repairing it may be a better option. 

The Availability of a New Transmission

Another factor that a mechanic will consider when recommending rebuilding versus repairing to you is the availability of a new transmission. If you have a classic car, a rare car, or an older car, finding a new transmission for the car may be hard to do, if not impossible. In this case, rebuilding the entire transmission may be the best option. However, if the transmission you need is readily available, replacing the transmission may be better. 

The Cost to Rebuild Versus Replace the Transmission

The last factor that a mechanic considers when recommending rebuilding versus replacing a transmission is the cost to rebuild versus replace the transmission. The extent of the rebuild depends on what is wrong with the transmission. Simple rebuilds are often cheaper than replacing transmissions. But more extensive rebuilds can take a lot of time and cost a lot of money. In these cases, repairing the transmission may be more cost effective. 

Your transmission is an important part in your car. It helps your car shift gears properly. If your transmission is slipping, if it is shifting hard, or if it smells like it is burning, you should bring your car to have the transmission inspected by a professional. They can determine what is wrong with the transmission and whether the transmission can be rebuilt to repair the problem or whether the transmission should be replaced. 

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