5 Motorhome Upgrades That Can Make Your Off-Grid Life Easier

Is your motorhome a true "home away from home"? Whether you like to travel for months on end or just do weekend trips to your favorite backwoods spot, the quality of your motorhome can make a big difference between truly vacationing and just "getting away". 

To help you upgrade your off-grid vacations, here are five great updates every motorhome owner should get.

LED Lighting. Power consumption is a constant worry for most long-term RV travelers. The more efficient you can be, the less you have to wonder if your battery or generator will run out when you need it most. Energy-efficient LED lighting is an easy change that can reap huge benefits for battery life. Replace standard, off-the-rack lighting both inside and outside with attractive and simple LED lights.

Extra Power. Speaking of battery power, why not start with longer battery life in general? Upgrade that stock battery with six volt batteries of the type that power electric golf carts. Ask your motorhome service what you can do to keep multiple batteries in play with the stock unit as a backup. 

Solar Panels. Solar power is one of the original options for being "off the grid" and still comfortable. And you can easily use solar power systems in things like lanterns, flashlights, outdoor stake lighting, and mobile device chargers. But adding it to your motorhome directly can save a lot of generator fuel and result in a quieter backwoods experience. 

Stock Replacements. Whether your motorhome is new or used, it probably comes with stock parts that don't meet the needs of a hardcore user. Consider some automatic upgrades to make life easier. For instance, an improved fan may run quieter and circulate air better than the unit that came on the motorhome. If your vehicle came with a standard manual thermostat, a digital replacement gives you more energy-efficient environmental control. And an upgraded digital antenna can help off-grid travelers keep up on their favorite shows.

Specific Storage. Each motorhome owner travels a little differently than others. But your motorhome may not reflect that. Assess your particular needs for storage and accessories in places like the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. Even small accessories can make a big difference. It could be a cupholder by your favorite chair, a shoe rack in the closet, or a handy paper towel dispenser by the door. Whatever storage items you prefer, installing them is a wise investment in happiness.

Ready to make your motorhome fit your vacationing needs better? Start with a visit to a quality motorhome service company, such as RV Service Center Of Santa Cruz. They can help you find just the right upgrades to make every trip more enjoyable. 

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