Fleet Innovations: Keep Up With Your Trucks' Maintenance Needs With These Tips

Whether you own small delivery trucks or large freight trucks, maintaining them properly is crucial to your company's success and drivers' safety. But if you don't have the time or expertise to check the condition of your trucks properly, it could lead to numerous problems, including expensive mechanical repairs and lost revenue. Here are two important things you can do to keep track of your fleet's mechanical problems and repairs. 

Develop a Reporting System for All of Your Drivers

Your drivers are some of the most important people in your company. Not only do your drivers deliver your goods to customers across the state or country, they can help detect and note mechanical problems in your trucks before they get out of control. But unless you have a strong reporting policy in place, your drivers may not report problems with your vehicles on time. The lack of reporting can lead to cross-country breakdowns, accidents, and unnecessary downtime.

Your policy should allow drivers to report mechanical problems to your office or business when they first notice them. You can set up a special customer service line in your company that allows drivers to call in issues as soon as they can safely do so. Your drivers should provide as many details about the problem as possible, including how the truck sounds, drives, and stops in and out of traffic. Your customer service representatives should always record or document the information they receive from drivers in a secured computer program you can access when needed. 

Some owner-operators and trucking companies use special smart phone apps called virtual technicians to decipher, diagnose, or report mechanical errors or problems that show up on the trucks' dashboards. If the apps reveal significant problems, such as a bent or misaligned axle and scrubbing brakes, the drivers can return their trucks to your facility or the nearest service location immediately for repair. 

If the tips above don't work well for your fleet or drivers, contact a professional truck fleet maintenance company for help. 

Use Fleet Maintenance Services

A truck fleet maintenance company can do many things for you and your drivers, including setting up and keeping track of your trucks' individual maintenance and repair schedules. The schedules ensure that each truck receives the care it needs to perform well on the road. The schedules may also allow you to replace or remove problem trucks from your fleet. Trucks that require ongoing repairs or maintenance may be too dangerous to operate on the road. 

In addition, a fleet maintenance company may provide your drivers with the mobile driving tools they need to operate their vehicles safely and more efficiently. The tools may include advanced virtual technician apps, online trucking manuals, and customized driving courses or classes. Some tools allow drivers to keep track of their orders, deliveries, and stops, which can eliminate unforeseen downtime and traffic problems. The types of tools offered to your drivers may depend on the fleet maintenance company you use to manage your trucks.

It's important to communicate with your service provider regularly. Many providers have access to the newest technology and trends in trucking maintenance, fuel alternatives, and repairs. The providers may also provide information about the newest trucks or fleets on the market. If you choose to upgrade your fleet in the future, the information can help you select trucks that benefit your company's overall goals. 

Keeping track of your fleet's maintenance schedules and repairs can be tough and frustrating. If you're ready to make sound changes in your company, contact a fleet truck maintenance company today or go to websites on truck maintenance for more information and possible services. 

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