Removing Sticky Stuff From The Windshield

Since your windshield is one of the most important parts of your car as far as driving safety is concerned, you should be careful with how you treat it. For example, carelessly removing stubborn stickers from your windshield can damage it and interfere with both its aesthetics and your view. Here are a few safe methods you can use to remove stickers from your windshield:

Use Denatured Alcohol

Denatured alcohol is just ordinary ethyl alcohol that has been contaminated by other pollutants and is not unfit for drinking. You just need a paper towel, razor blade, water and the alcohol to get the job done. Dip the paper towel in the alcohol and let the liquid soak into the towel. After that, jab away at the stubborn sticker until it is completely soaked in alcohol. Do that and you will notice the sticker become soft and crumbly, allowing you to scrape it off with the razor blade. After that, you just need to rinse the area with a fresh paper towel soaked in water and you are done.

Use a Window Cleaning Detergent

Instead of using denatured alcohol, plain old window cleaning detergent may also do the trick. In this case, you just need two things – a window cleaner in its sprayer and a razor blade. Spray the sticker with a generous amount of the cleaner and give it a few minutes for the cleaner to soak into the sticker. This will soften the sticker so that you can scrape it off, gently, with the razor blade.

Freeze or Heat it Up

Surprisingly, both hot and cold water (ice, in fact) can be used for removing stubborn stickers from windshields. In the case of ice, you just need an ice pack and the razor blade (again!). Put an ice pack over the sticker much as you would do for a sore area of your body. The ice will soak and soften the sticker so that you can scrape it off with the ice as usual.

For the hot water treatment, you need a bottle of hot water (hot, not warm), liquid soap, and a razor blade. Add a little of the liquid soap into the piping hot water, shake it up a bit and pour it over the sticker to soften it. After a few minutes, the sticker may be so soft and loose that you can pick it off with your fingers; otherwise, you can use the razor blade to scrape it off gently.

If your vehicle does end up getting damaged, contact an auto repair shop like H & S Tire & Auto Center.

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