How Can You Add More Privacy To Your Vehicle?

Privacy is an important factor whether it's in a house, office, or in your car. These are spaces that we always feel we can retreat to and not have to think about who's looking in. However, privacy isn't as easy to achieve in a car as it is in an office or home.

When your car is cruising down the street or parked by the side of the road, there isn't much you can do in terms of telling people not to look inside your car. However, there are other measures you can take.

Privacy Glass

Privacy glass is a common solution for people who want more privacy in their vehicles. This is typically not an aftermarket solution. The glass is tinted through an electrical process that dyes the inside of the glass used in car windows. This type of glass usually comes with the car from the factory.

Privacy glass is usually used on the rear half of the vehicle. This is because many states have VLT limitations to enable police to identify drivers and for safety reasons. Privacy glass also doesn't block out all types of ultraviolet radiation.

Window Tint

Tinted windows are made dark by the application of a thin laminate film. This can be applied to either the outside or the inside of the car window.

There are many different types of window films depending on:    

  • Construction components    
  • Purpose    
  • Performance

Tinted windows films are usually applied as an aftermarket solution. Drivers can choose the type of tint they want depending on their needs and what is permitted in the state.

These films can be used for various reasons including:    

  • Reduction of heat and glare    
  • To provide thermal insulation    
  • To filter out UV radiation    
  • For privacy
  • For safety and security    
  • For branding and decoration

How to Get Your Windows Tinted

If your car doesn't have a factory tint, or if you'd like a tint that offers more than privacy, you should consider car window tinting services. Depending on what is allowed in your state, you can have the tint applied to the front window as well -- something you won't get with privacy glass from the factory.

Some drivers also add a window film if they want more privacy in their cars or they'd like the added benefits that come with a window film.

For the best results, professional installation is recommended rather than doing it on your own. For more information, contact an auto tinting service through a site such as

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