Why Is Your Auto AC Blowing Hot Air?

Turning on your vehicle's AC can feel like a breath of heaven on a hot day. That, of course, excludes the moments when you'll turn on the AC only to be greeted by an unwelcome stream of warm air. It's not unusual for the air conditioning system in a car to blow warm air, and this is a problem that can be easily fixed.

Leaking Refrigerant

The refrigerant is the liquid that enables an air conditioning system to cool air. It's what is used to transfer the heat from the air to the outside.

However, the air conditioning system isn't designed to be refilled like the engine's cooling system since it's sealed. Therefore, if the level of refrigerant is low, there's no doubt that there's a leak in the system.

When other liquids such as oil or antifreeze are leaking from your car, you'll know due to a puddle under the car. However, the refrigerant evaporates almost as soon as the seal is broken. This can make it hard to detect.

This is why you'll likely need car AC repair services to be able to diagnose this problem. The leak can occur in the condenser, compressor, or evaporator of the AC.

Worn Out Compressor

If the refrigerant is the blood flowing through the AC system, the compressor is the heart that is helping it to circulate. The circulation of the refrigerant by the compressor is what enables the refrigerant to carry the heat from the air being blown into your cabin.

With time, the compressor will become less effective due to wearing. Sometimes, a failing compressor can be the result of contamination or damage to other parts of the AC system.

You can prolong the life of your compressor by running it for at least 10 minutes every month during the months when you don't need it. You should also schedule a regular checkup.

Electrical Problems

The AC system in a car comes with a complicated electrical circuit which includes relays, fuses, and pressure switches. All these parts have a role to play in the proper functioning of your air conditioning system. However, these parts can fail due to a defect or simply due to age.

The AC systems are usually designed to shut themselves down when such issues occur to ensure the system doesn't damage itself or harm the user. It can be difficult to isolate electrical problems, which is why this task should be left to the pros. If you are having problems, contact an auto repair service such as AutoMedics.

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