3 Reasons Why You Might Want To Get Your Engine Oil Changed By A Pro

When it comes to car maintenance tasks that you can perform yourself, many people pride themselves on being able to do their own oil changes. While doing your own oil change can save you a bit of money, it does come with some downsides that you might want to take into consideration. Here are three reasons why it might be best to reach out to a professional repair shop that offers oil changes services when it's time for your next change.

1. Get Off the Ground

Doing an oil change might be considered a relatively easy task once you know how to do it, but hardly anyone will ever say that it's a clean or comfortable experience. You have to literally get down on the ground in order to flush your previous oil and the chances that you are going to get dirt or even oil on your clothing or skin are quite high. If that doesn't sound like much fun, leave this task to a professional who does it every day.

2. Get a Full Check Up

You might know how to do an oil change, but do you understand everything else that is going on with your car? Today, when professional oil change shops go to work on a vehicle, it often includes a complete check-up of every other component under the hood. If you only take your car in once a year for an annual inspection, you might not notice a problem that could have been caught sooner during a regular oil change.

3. No Issues With Disposal

One of the biggest pains that come with doing your own engine oil changes is figuring out how you are going to safely dispose of the flushed old oil after the process is complete. If you don't have a convenient way to safely remove this oil from your property, perhaps it would be best to just take your car into a shop where they regularly deal with disposal of potentially hazardous materials. 

While completing an engine oil change isn't too complicated once you know what you are doing, there are still a number of reasons why you might want to seek professional help. Getting a professional to help you will keep you off the ground and is just more convenient than having to poke around under your car. A professional will also give you a complete check-up and will have no issues disposing of your old oil.

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