Windshield Repair And Replacement Tips For Frugal Drivers

Whether it's a rock flung from under a passing truck or impact from a hail storm or road debris, a damaged windshield is a critical repair issue that should never be ignored or postponed. Yet, all too often, drivers put off dealing with it because of concerns about what it will cost. If you are currently staring at a windshield that is chipped, cracked, or broken and haven't yet scheduled the repairs, the following frugal tips may be just the motivation you need to get the job done. 

Start with your insurance company

While not all vehicle insurance policies cover windshield repair or replacement, many of them do. In several states, insurance policies have a zero deductible clause for windshield coverage because it is considered a safety issue for drivers.

Many also offer zero deductible coverage for rock chip repairs, as a way of preventing a repair that would be more expensive if it were delayed and required a total replacement. For drivers, zero deductible coverage for glass damage means no money out of pocket when a repair is needed for a potentially safer driving experience. 

Frugal drivers who want to save money on their windshield should always take time to contact their insurance agent and find out what type of glass coverage is included with their policy. If none is currently in place, its a great time to request it to be added to your policy to make sure you are covered in the future. 

Request a discount

Drivers who lack glass coverage or those who prefer to pay for the repairs themselves instead of making a claim through their insurance company should always ask for any available discounts that may apply. Some service providers may offer a reduced price for drivers who can drop their car off at the repair shop. Others may offer a discount for being a new customer or have a slightly blemished windshield that is perfectly safe, but available at a discounted price. 

Shop around 

Like all other businesses, auto glass repair services may offer special pricing or discounts at certain times of the year. Additionally, in an area with more than one shop, there may be more competitive pricing. 

If funds are very limited, but your windshield is in dire need of replacement, consider looking for a service that offers a payment plan. 

Most importantly, don't continue to put off receiving a windshield replacement. Your life and the lives of your occupants could depend upon it. 

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