Problems Caused By A Transmission Leak And Repairs That May Be Needed

Problems with your car's transmission need to be repaired promptly. Even a simple fluid leak can be a serious problem because without adequate fluid the transmission will overheat and cause your car to break down. Here are some signs of a transmission fluid leak and repairs that may be necessary.

Signs Of Transmission Problems

One obvious sign of a transmission fluid leak is when you see a puddle of red or pink fluid under the car after it has been parked for several hours. However, that sign can be easily overlooked. The best way to watch for the possibility of low transmission fluid is to check the level of fluid regularly by following the instructions in your car's manual.

It's checked in a manner similar to the way you check the oil level in your car. This allows you to catch a leak early so you can get repairs before damage is done to your car. You can add more fluid when the level is low, but you also need to have the leak repaired since transmission fluid should not leak out under normal circumstances.

When the fluid level is low and you don't catch it, your transmission can begin to overheat and malfunction. You might see smoke or smell a burning odor. Your car could have problems shifting into gear. Driving your car when it has transmission problems is dangerous and can cause further damage to the internal parts of your car.

How A Transmission Is Repaired

There are several approaches to transmission repair that depend on the cause of the problem. All that may be needed is to patch the leak and refill the fluid. If damage has been done to the internal parts due to overheating or wear and tear, then it may be necessary to remove and replace damaged parts. The worst-case scenario is when your transmission has severe damage and has to be replaced or rebuilt.

A transmission repair shop can probably take your car's transmission apart, replace worn parts with new ones, and then rebuild it so it's like new. You could also opt to buy a remanufactured transmission for your car, but this usually costs more. A remanufactured transmission isn't a brand-new one that you buy from the original manufacturer.

Brand-new transmissions aren't available; instead, a remanufactured transmission is rebuilt in a factory that your mechanic can order to put in your car. Rebuilding or replacing a transmission can be expensive, and it can sometimes be avoided by simply maintaining your transmission properly by keeping it topped with fluid.

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