Why You Shouldn't Mix Truck Tire Types

It's important to make sure that you do not mix and match tires on your truck. Instead, you will want to purchase tires that are as close to the existing tires on your truck as possible. By using the same tire, you'll have the same tread pattern, the same construction, and the same size. You should never use mismatched tires unless recommended by the manufacturer.

Tires You Shouldn't Mix

Do not use tires that are from different manufacturers, even if they are the same size. Do not use tires that are meant for different seasons, even if they are from the same manufacturer and the same size. Your truck will not be as safe to drive, especially when you are forced to make sharp turns or brake suddenly. 

Mixed Tires and Wear

Matched tired will have more even wear. This will extend the life of your tires and will give you the most out of your investment. You need to rotate your tires regularly to have even wear, but if your tires have different sizes, you will still suffer from uneven wear. 

Replacing Tires Properly

The best way to replace tires is to replace all of them at once so they will wear out at roughly the same rate. This is a good time to switch to tires that will provide you with the experience you want. Of course, you might have an incident where one of your tires is damaged beyond repair. If you have recently had your tires replaced, you may be reluctant to replace these tires with brand new ones so soon given the expense. The newer the tires, the less of a problem it is to only replace one tire. 

Effects of Mixed Tires on Your Truck

When your tires are not in the best condition, there's a risk that you might suffer a car accident as a result. Also, when operating a 4WD vehicle, you may experience damage when driving a truck that uses tires with uneven wear. You may begin hearing a humming or clicking noise. This is because of how a 4WD system is built with tight tolerances. However, it depends on the particular truck brand. 

Regardless, if you want to avoid a trip to a truck repair service, make sure to use the same tires on your truck, outside of emergency situations. In some countries, mixing tires across an axle can even be illegal. For more information, contact a company such as Louisville  Auto Spring today.

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