Three Benefits To Rotating Your Tires Regularly

It is recommended that you have your tires rotated every 6,000 to 8,000 miles. Unfortunately, many people fail to regularly rotate their tires. If you are one of these people, you may wonder why you should have your tires rotated. Here are three benefits associated with rotating your tires regularly. 

Rotating Your Tires Helps to Promote Even Wear

The primary reason why you should rotate your tires regularly is that rotating your tires helps to promote even wear on your tires. This helps to ensure your tires wear at the same rate. This is important as tires that have different tread depths are more likely to develop problems. You may slide when stopping in the rain or you may increase your chances of experiencing a blowout. Ensuring your tires wear evenly is also important as it helps you to get the most life out of all of your tires. You should replace your tires all at the same time. If you have one tire that wears faster than the others, you may be replacing tires sooner than you otherwise would in order to compensate for the one damaged. 

Rotating Your Tires Keeps Your Warranty Valid

Another important reason why you should rotate your tires regularly is that you may be required to as part of your tire warranty. When you purchase new tires, you are given a warranty for a specified length of time or number of miles. One of the conditions related to the warranty is that you maintain your tires. If you are not rotating your tires regularly, your tires are not being maintained. As such, the tire manufacturer may void your warranty and not cover any damage that your tires sustain due to your failure to rotate your tires. 

Rotating Your Tires Allows for an In-Depth Tire Inspection

The final benefit to rotating your tires regularly is that rotating your tires allows a professional to inspect your tires. It can be hard for the average person to tell if the tread on their tire is separating, wearing unevenly or if minor damage is done to the tire. A professional can spot the early warning signs of numerous tire problems, allowing you to repair or replace the tire before it goes flat or blows out. 

Is your car due for a tire rotation? An auto services center can rotate your tires, align them and/or inspect them. Contact your preferred auto service center to schedule your appointment now. 

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