How To Tell If Your Car's Exhaust System Needs Repair

The exhaust system of your car is linked to its engine, and its purpose is to remove all of the dangerous gases that the engine produces while in use. If there is a problem with the exhaust system, it is likely to affect other parts of your vehicle that you may not be aware of. It can cause the engine to perform less efficiently, and you can have trouble having your car pass required emissions testing by your state. Here are some signs that your car's exhaust system needs repair.

Shaking And Vibrating Accelerator Pedal

A sign that is easy to recognize happens when you are accelerating. You will notice that the accelerator pedal starts to shake and vibrate when you give the engine more gas. This can happen because there is a hole somewhere in the exhaust system, and you have exhaust fumes that are leaving the vehicle in an odd spot while under a lot of pressure. It will cause shaking and vibrating through your vehicle, but you'll feel it in the accelerator pedal the most.

Increased Noise From The Engine

Have you noticed that your engine has recently become louder than it once was? This can be due to a hole somewhere in the vehicle's muffler or another spot in the exhaust system. As the name implies, the muffler is designed to limit the noise that the exhaust system makes, and having holes in other places of the system will cause the engine to sound much louder than it should. This is a problem that will continue to get worse as the holes become bigger or more holes form.

Bad Odors In The Vehicle

Another sign of an exhaust system problem is the presence of odors in your vehicle when you're driving. This is due to the exhaust somehow getting into the vehicle's cabin rather than being directed outside of the car. This is not only a problem for the exhaust system but a huge safety concern as well. Those gases that you are smelling are toxic and are harmful to the health of everyone in the vehicle. Have your car inspected by a local mechanic immediately to have the problem repaired.

When you have any doubt about the status of the exhaust system, take your vehicle to a local mechanic. They can perform an inspection and let you know of any potential problems that they discover. Reach out to a shop such as Wilson's Auto World to learn more.

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