5 Signs of a Bad Ignition Coil

In order for your engine to run properly, it needs air, fuel, and electricity. The ignition coil is responsible for providing the engine with the electricity it needs to run properly. Without a properly running ignition coil, your engine is not going to run smoothly, which is why you need to be aware of any signs that it is acting up.

Sign #1: Check Engine Light

One of the many reasons that your check engine light may be illuminated is because the ignition coil is not working properly. That is why if you see the check engine light, you need to have a mechanic run an OBD-II diagnostic scanner on it right away. You may end up with a code for an engine misfire, or an ignition code, both of which can be generated by a bad ignition coil.

Sign #2: Jerking or Sputtering

When you are driving, your vehicle should run smoothly. If your vehicle is randomly jerking or sputtering when you are driving at a normal speed, that can be a result of a misfiring engine. When you stop, it may be difficult to get your vehicle running again, and it may shake or vibrate before it starts moving again.

Sign #3: Difficult to Start

Your ignition coil is connected to your spark plugs. If your spark plugs are not putting out the right voltage, you are going to have a difficult time starting up your vehicle. A difficult start most often happens with a single coil ignition design.

Sign #4: Backfiring

Your vehicle should not backfire. Vehicles are not made so that they backfire anymore. However, it can still happen. A backfire occurs when unburned fuel comes out of your exhaust system. Backfiring is dangerous and can really damage your engine. An ignition coil that is failing can be one cause of a backfiring engine. If your engine is backfiring, it is important to figure out the cause as soon as possible.

Sign #5: Low Power

Finally, the ignition coil supplies power to your engine. When you are idling, you may feel that your engine sounds a little rough, and you may experience a drop in power. You will have a harder time accelerating and may even stall out more often.

Ignition coils can get a lot of mileage on them before they need to be replaced. However, over time, they can fail, generally because of bad spark plugs or bad spark plug wires. If you notice any signs that your engine isn't running as smoothly as it should be, get your vehicle to the mechanic right away to be inspected. Engine issues need to be addressed immediately in order to save your car from serious damage.

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