Does Your Vehicle Have A Quite Rough Idle? This Is What Could Be Causing It

You can tell when your vehicle has an issue, even if you aren't a car-savvy individual. That said, diagnosing a rough idle issue isn't easy unless you have mechanical expertise. A notable sign your vehicle could have a rough idle is when you experience a bouncing sensation while driving. You may also notice that your vehicle has inconsistent RPMs, or produces strange noises. Here's a more in-depth look at what can make your vehicle have a significant rough idle.

You Could Be Having A Vacuum Leak

Your vehicle's engine is fitted with different vacuum hoses that can become loose and eventually break. When any hose leaks, your engine air/fuel mixture will become lean, causing your automobile to have a rough idle. Remember that if you have leakages within the intake manifold gasket, you should also expect the vacuum hoses to leak.

You Could Be Having A Dirty Fuel Filter

Removing dirt from the fuel filter and changing it regularly is crucial. If the air filter clogs with debris, your vehicle will most likely have a rough idle. This is because your fuel won't efficiently move through the engine system. After all, it's clogged with debris. An experienced professional can help you replace the filter and ensure that contaminated fuel doesn't enter your engine.

There Could Be Issues With The PCV Valve

The positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) valve of your motor vehicle can work efficiently for a long time without needing any attention. However, if your car has performance issues that aren't addressed on time, they may hinder the proper operation of the valve. In most cases, this valve always remains closed until enough pressure builds up to open it. However, your car will have a rough idle if it remains open when it should be closed. Your mechanic will check whether this valve is damaged and causing the valve to get stuck.

The Fuel Injector Could Be Dirty

Your vehicle fuel injector should administer precise fuel to the engine cylinder. The spray nozzle of the injector has a tiny opening that can clog from the carbon resulting from the combustion process. When enough fuel doesn't reach the injector, your vehicle will perform poorly and show signs of rough idling. Your auto repair technician will remove and clean the injectors in such cases.

On the first sign of a vehicle that's idling, you should seek the help of a professional auto repair service. This can prevent your problem from getting worse than it should be. 

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