How To Know If Your RV Needs New Tires Or Not

Do you spend quite a bit of your time riding around in your RV, traveling to new and exciting places on road trips? If so, staying up-to-date with maintenance is a must because you don't want the vehicle to break down on the side of the road, leaving you stranded for several hours until someone can come to your rescue. So, how do you ensure your vehicle is in good working order? Other than routine oil changes and brake checks, you'll need to monitor the condition of your RV tires to determine if it's time to get new ones or not. 

How Long Have You Had the Tires?

Start by asking yourself how long it's been since you've had the tires replaced. If you haven't purchased new tires for your vehicle in more than five years, it may be the best time to replace them, even if you didn't spend too much time on the road. After a while of having the same tires, they can begin to wear down, ultimately losing their integrity and becoming more prone to holes and flats than sturdy, new tires.

What Does the Tread Look Like?

Carefully examine your tires to see how worn down the tread is before you head off on any adventures. If your RV tires have indicators, check them to get a feel for what the tread looks like and how long you should wait until you get replacement tires. If the indicator is showing a lot of wear and tear, it's best to replace the tires, even if you don't currently have a hole or flat.

Have You Replaced the Tires with Spares?

In some cases, a few of the tires on your RV may be spare tires already in used condition. While there's nothing wrong with having a used tire on your vehicle, it's not going to last as long on your RV because someone else previously had it attached to their RV. With that in mind, if you can afford to replace them with new, high-quality RV tires, it's a good time to do so. You'll have much more peace of mind knowing that each tire is in excellent, non-used condition.

Spending time traveling to wonderful places throughout the country in an RV may sound like a dream come true for you, but you'll need to ensure that your vehicle can get you from one location to the next. Always perform routine maintenance on the RV and check your tires regularly because you might need to replace them to keep them in good working condition.

For more information about RV tires, contact a local dealer.

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