Essential Service That Can Extend The Life And Efficiency Of Your Vehicle

Internal combustion engines create a lot of heat and friction when running. The best way to combat the wear and tear that comes with that heat and friction is through regular maintenance and things like an oil change on a regular schedule that fits your vehicle's needs.

Lubrication And Friction Reduction

Gasoline and diesel engines use compression inside the cylinders to create movement and power. The moving parts inside the engine generate heat as they are moving, so lubricating the internal parts with oil is critical. However, over time, the oil will absorb heat and begin to break down, losing its ability to lubricate the bearings and seals inside the engine.

An oil change is the best way to ensure the oil inside the engine is working, and keeping up with regular service can help protect the internal engine parts to help extend the engine's life. The oil change and service to the vehicle are the best way to ensure the bearings, rings, and seals stay in good shape and can do the job they are designed for and reduce the potential for catastrophic failure. 

Oil Changes

Knowing when to do the oil change or remembering that the vehicle is due for service is sometimes a problem. Vehicle manufacturers have set specific mileage intervals for different service tasks, including oil changes, tire rotation, and transmission service. 

The intervals are not set in stone and can change if you upgrade to synthetic oil or spend a lot of time driving on long, open highways. The conditions your vehicle endures often dictate the need for service interval adjustments but start with the suggestions in the vehicle owner's manual that came with your car or truck, and discuss the service needs with your mechanic to ensure you are keeping up with everything when necessary. 

Thermal Breakdown And Debris

The engine oil change requirements are directly related to the work of the oil inside the engine. As the engine heats up, the engine oil absorbs some of the heat to help keep parts cooler and reduce friction wear. Over time, thermal breakdown, or changes to the oil's effective properties, will occur. The engine oil will begin to thin out, lose its cooling ability, and be less effective at lubricating moving parts.

Debris and small metal particles can collect in the oil but will be filtered out by the oil filter to keep the oil working and clean. Eventually, the filter will reach capacity, and filter replacement becomes necessary. Changing the oil and filter together ensure that both are clean and ready to do their job inside the engine, keeping everything working as designed. 

Reach out to a mechanic to learn more about oil changes.

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