Top 4 Transmission Issues Your Vehicle Might Encounter

The vehicle transmission system plays a significant role in ensuring your vehicle operates smoothly while shifting gears. Nevertheless, over time, the transmission system will undergo wear and tear from the heat and friction from the moving components. That's why you should perform regular maintenance to this crucial system to avert unexpected failure. This guide has shared some of the warning indicators that all is not well with your car's transmission.

A Coolant Leak under Your Vehicle

Addressing a car coolant leakage issue shields you against costly internal transmission problems. Various factors can cause the coolant to leak, including damage to the driveshaft seal or pan gasket. If you park your vehicle for some time and then notice a fluid underneath it, usually bright red, the coolant is leaking. Sealing the leaks and refilling the coolant will ensure your transmission doesn't fail unexpectedly.

A Smell Like Something Is Burning 

When you notice a smell similar to that of a burning item, it is time to visit an auto repair shop for an inspection. In most cases, this problem is due to overheating of the transmission fluid. Usually, the fluid helps to ensure that the transmission system parts are running efficiently. If you don't change the lubricating fluid within the required time, the oil will accumulate debris. In turn, the debris brings about friction between parts, producing a burning smell.

A Flickering Light on the Dashboard 

When there's an issue within your car transmission system, the check light on the dashboard will turn on. Many transmission problems can trigger the engine light to come on, such as the spark plug's misfiring or damage to the oxygen sensors. Besides transmission problems, many things can cause the check light to appear on the dashboard. So, as soon as you notice it, reach out to a professional mechanic. They will help you find out whether the vehicle's transmission is the cause of the warning light.

An Odd Noise When You Switch To Neutral

If you notice an unusual sound when your gear is in neutral, consider seeking the services of an auto repair technician. However, you can remedy this problem by changing the coolant. If this doesn't work, your auto repair technician needs to check for worn-out parts like the reverse idler gear or worn-out bearing.

If you want your motor to operate efficiently, ensure its transmission system is in excellent shape. So, when you notice any of the abovementioned issues, seek timely auto repair services. For more information on automotive repair, contact a company near you.

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