What Is The Cost Of Car Glass Replacement?

Damaged car glass is potentially dangerous as it can interfere with visibility and doesn't protect you against outside elements. On top of that, driving with broken vehicle glass is illegal in some states and can land you in problems with law enforcers. 

When a car's glass has irreparable damage, the only solution is to replace it. It's normal to have concerns about the replacement cost because most damages are unforeseen and need immediate replacement. The cost of vehicle glass replacement depends on various factors. Read on to learn some of them. 

Make Of Your Vehicle

The make of your vehicle is one of the main factors determining car glass replacement cost since different car models use different glass types and sizes. For example, if you want to replace the windshield of an SUV, you'll have to pay more than what you'd pay for a sedan since it has a larger windshield.

Similarly, replacing windshields for high-end vehicles will be more expensive than standard ones. For most standard cars, replacing a windshield will cost you $250–$400. For high-end vehicles, the price can go up to  $1,000- $4,500

The price difference is due to the fact that some high-end vehicles use a different type of glass that is more expensive. The glass may also have other attachments, such as rain and light sensors, automatic windshield wipers, and tinting. Such windscreens may need special attention, which will cost you more. 

Type Of Replacement

The type of car glass replacement your vehicle needs will determine how much you'll pay. For example, the cost of replacing the front windshield is different from that of replacing the rear one. 

The price variation is because the two glasses comprise different materials. The front windshield is often made of laminated glass, while the rear windshield is usually made from tempered glass. 

Similarly, due to size differences, the cost of replacing a windshield will be higher than that of a side window. 

Choice Of Shop

The shop you choose for your replacement also determines how much the total cost will be. Auto service providers charge different prices for several reasons, such as location and materials used for the service. 

However, most auto body shops charge $60-$120 per hour. However, be careful when choosing a provider. Only work with providers who use approved products and provide quality services. 

Also, ensure the provider you select will be able to do the replacement on time to avoid inconveniences.

For more information about replacing car glass, contact a local company.

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