What To Know About Delayed Acceleration & A Bad Transmission

Have you noticed that your car suddenly takes a while to accelerate when you are trying to drive faster? When a vehicle has a problem with accelerating the way that it should, it is not only dangerous, but could point to a more serious problem. For example, an acceleration issue is one of the signs that the transmission is bad and needs repair. If there are multiple other problems wrong with your vehicle, it might be time to replace the transmission before it creates an accident risk. A mechanic can assess your vehicle to determine if the transmission is the culprit, or if several other issues are to blame for delayed acceleration.

Delayed Acceleration & the Transmission

Delayed acceleration is a sign that a transmission problem is causing the gears in a vehicle to slip out of place. For example, your vehicle might be operating as it should for a while, and then suddenly a gear slips out of place and makes it difficult to speed up. Due to a number of other problems that could cause delayed acceleration, it is important for a professional diagnosis to be made before assuming the transmission is the problem. Delayed acceleration could also be the result of a bad fuel pump, crankshaft sensor, spark plugs, and several other parts being damaged. You might need to have other repairs made to your vehicle along with a transmission repair.

Other Signs of a Problematic Transmission

Other than delayed acceleration, sticking gears is another sign that points to a bad transmission. For example, when a transmission is failing, it could become hard to back out of a parking space. It is common for such a problem to occur when a transmission is in the process of completely failing. Another sign of a bad transmission is when a vehicle shakes during the process of switching gears. Strange noises, leaking transmission fluid, and the appearance of the check engine light could point to a failing transmission as well.

The Importance of a Transmission Repair

It is important to get a problematic transmission repaired because failing to do so could lead to you causing an accident. The scary thing about a failing transmission is that a vehicle could stop functioning when least expected. For example, you could be stopped at a stoplight and suddenly not be able to drive your car due to transmission failure. Take your car to a mechanic service such as Denville Transmission to get the transmission assessed as soon as possible.

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